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While Mark Nicholls had been working as an independent consultant since 2000 within the Brisbane market, it was in 2005 that industry growth presented an opportunity for a new independent consulting organisation to be launched from Brisbane.

Mark Nicholls is the founder & Managing Director of Information Professionals Pty Ltd and has more than 25 years’ management and IT consulting experience in both the public and private sectors. In 2005 he moved from being a well respected Program Manager to being the Managing Director of Information Professionals. 

In 2004, with the success of Queensland Rail’s major SAP based initiative behind him (see side article), and an Australian Institute of Project Management award proudly displayed on Queensland Rail’s website, the reputation of Mark and his team had gathered a strong following. Even today, this project remains one of the most successful ERP implementations of its size in Australia in the past decade. 

Such was Mark’s reputation within the Brisbane market that within four months, Information Professionals was a part of three separate yet major consortiums bidding for work with the Queensland Government’s ambitious Corptech program, ultimately being selected by Queensland Government in two of these. 

Information Professionals contributed actively to Corptech’s ambitious management challenges, involved in all 11 implementations that it completed, and has continued to provide valued services to other Queensland Government clients. In addition, Information Professionals has emerging or growing business in the Queensland Corporate sector, in ACT, South Australia and Sydney.

Information Professionals is now staffed with around twenty experienced staff and growing, offering a range of skills to help our clients be successful. Core services include:

  • Consulting (packaged and flexible)
  • Resourcing (contracting and placement)
  • Knowledge

Our clients seek either consulting services or contract resources from us or request us to find great people for them. If they request a resource, then that resource is never a set and forget exercise. Street wise Account Managers ensure the success of our team on-site, overseeing their performance.

While we can’t guarantee industry awards for all our clients, our most recent client survey rates our staff expertise as excellent, and our service as adaptable and responsive.

Today, our commitment remains to our clients, to the success of the industry and through that, to the success of Information Professionals.

We welcome you to participate in this journey.


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